The Ramble Problem

I'm a few weeks into my writing commitment. I defeated the anxiety with a yolo-style, brain-dump-and-publish approach. I now see that I come off as rambling and unhinged.  Ideally, my prose is clear and concise and I can choose the size of the essay. Currently neither is true.

How do I fix it?

Learn from experts? Where's the fun in that?

Create an outline and preplan? Bah, humbug.

I will experiment on myself, like I always do, and see if there's anything in my life I can translate from one domain into another. In this case, drawing class to writing.

A Potential Solution

I had a teacher in college that would have us draw a model multiple times, reducing the time from 1 hour to 2 min over several attempts, stepping down in halves. It was a wonderful drill. The pressure awoke a clarity of perception and translation in us. It also removed space for fear and doubt.

The final drawing would jump back to an hour. Those drawings showed radical improvement from previous ones. It felt like I knew exactly what as important, what to focus on, and exactly which strokes to put to paper. Huge amounts of time; none of it wasted.

This article was a quick test of the idea. I simply wrote over the previous attempt rather than edit it. 20 min timer, then 10. I believe it helped.

A Promise

So, over next two articles, I will use the same method. Lots of ways to break it up. Could be real-time, or reader-time, or word count. I'll start with real-time, and report back at the bottom of this article as an update.

It's a promise to myself, and to whomever finds this in a bottle in the future.

Here I go, wish me luck. [Oct 26th, 2022, 3:44 PM]